McGill Chemistry NMR/EPR Facility

The NMR/EPR facility in the McGill Chemistry Department has five solution NMR spectrometers ranging between 300 and 500 MHz, a 400 MHz solid-state NMR spectrometer, and an X band EPR spectrometer. In addition, a 500 MHz NMR spectrometer that is part of the Quebec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility has been temporarily moved into the Chemistry NMR facility while building renovations are being made to its original location.

The facility is capable of running most experiments of interest to the research chemist. Request for information should be addressed to Dr. Robin Stein. We offer services to both University and outside users.

  • Construction update

    Work will take place in room OM 37 next week. There will be no access to the QANUC 500 or the Varian 400 beginning at 4 pm on Sunday. Access to the Bruker 500 will be possible during evenings and weekends only.

  • NMR is Fun 2018

    NMR is Fun is back again! This year, the NMR facilities of Université de Montréal, UQAM, and McGill will hold two days of NMR training on June 12-13 at McGill University (Arts Building room W-120). Day 1 will be at a basic level and will cover basic NMR principles, instrumentation, and tips and tricks for 1D and 2D NMR. Day 2 will be more advanced and will cover selective experiments, DOSY and relaxation, and exchange NMR and NOESY/ROESY techniques. There will be a processing workshop each day (any NMR software can be used, and we are grateful to Mnova for providing extra licenses). For more information and to sign up, visit Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Access to QANUC 500 for Chemistry NMR/EPR Facility users

    We now have access to the QANUC 500! Details of signup are on the instrument page.  This is a very sensitive instrument for 1H 1D and 1H-observe 2D experiments like COSY, NOESY, 13C HSQC, and 13C HMBC.

  • Making Pretty Pictures with TopSpin

    Yes, it can be done! Learn how to make publication-quality graphics with TopSpin on March 7 from 2:30 to 3:30 in room 328.

  • Introduction to the NMR/EPR Facility talk

    Come to OM 10 at 1:00 on Thursday, September 21 for an introduction to a few less-used experiments and an introduction to solid-state NMR and EPR. Not just for new users.