NMR links

University of Ottawa NMR Blog, a great collection of acquisition and processing tricks and explanations

Queen’s University NMR Site, containing an explanation of NMR and documentation about processing

University of Michigan NMR Center, a repository of information about Varian acquisition

Michigan State University NMR Center, a collection of documentation, mainly related to Varian


When using documentation from other facilities, remember that their hardware and software are not identical to ours! Please ask before trying any new experiment or any technique you do not fully understand.

Analytical and workshop services in McGill chemistry department

Mass Spec Facility

Electronics Shop

CSACS Characterization Facility (thermal analysis, FTIR, UV-Vis-NIR, polarized optical microscope with hot stage)

CSACS Organic Synthesis Lab



Nearby NMR faciities

QANUC (Quebec/Eastern Canada High Field NMR Facility; 800 MHz and 500 MHz, designed for biological NMR research)

Université de Montréal regional NMR facility, including a 700 MHz with cryoprobe optimized for 13C acquisition, and solids up to 600 MHz

UQAM, liquids and solids up to 600 MHz

McGill University Health Center, liquids including LC-MS-NMR at 600 MHz with cryoprobe

Concordia, liquids up to 500 MHz