Basic operation manuals

Rules: Rules


Bruker Spectrometer Manual: Manual

Remove samples from sample changer: Instructions

Using sample changer without lid: Instructions

Running kinetics on Bruker 500: Notes

Varian (Agilent)

Instructions for Varian Mercury 300 MHz Autosampler (with VnmrJ 4.2): Instructions Experiments Troubleshooting

Instructions for Varian Mercury 400 MHz and Varian VNMRS 500 (with VnmrJ 4.2): Quick Guide Full instructions Troubleshooting

Experiments on Varian Mercury 400 MHz: Experiments

How to Perform NMR Experiments on the Varian/Agilent Instruments (may no longer be applicable to VnmrJ 4.2): Instructions

How to Perform 2D NMR Experiments on the Varian/Agilent 500 (may no longer be applicable to VnmrJ 4.2): Instructions

Probe tuning Varian/Agilent 500: Instructions

Instructions for QANUC 500 MHz (with VnmrJ 4.2): Instructions with troubleshooting Please note that these instructions are only to be used by NMR/EPR Facility Users of the QANUC instrument Рif Tara has instructed you differently, you must follow her instructions

General notes for 2D experiments:

2D Experiments:Notes


Making pretty pictures with topspin (march 2018)

Processing and plotting with TopSpin Presentation

NMR is Fun 2017

Talks at U de M by U de M, McGill, and UQAM facility managers about experiments and processing Presentations

Introduction to the Facility (September 2016)

Tips and tricks and comparing instruments in the facility: Presentation

TopSpin (May 2016)

TopSpin for processing (getting Varian and Bruker data into TopSpin, data organization, processing, and plotting): Presentation

NMR is Fun Week 2016 (Reading Week 2016)

Tutorial of MNova Suite for Chemists (presentation by Chen Peng of Mestrelab including all kinds of tips and tricks for processing and presenting data): Presentation

MNova for NMR-based Reaction Monitoring (presentation by Chen Peng of Mestrelab): Presentation

TopSpin Fun (organizing, processing, and plotting data): Presentation

Spectrometer and Experiments Fun (an introduction to the parts of the spectrometer and how they affect data collection): Presentation

Miscellaneous Experiments Fun (running VnmrJ manually, solvent suppression, running unlocked, kinetics, VT, relaxation, DOSY, HRMAS, solids): Presentation