Past Facility Managers

Françoise Sauriol (1987-1999)

  • M.Sc. and Ph.D. with Prof. Maurice St-Jacques (Université de Montréal)
  • Post-Doc at Dalhousie University, Chemistry department with Prof. T.B. Grindley
  • NMR facility manager McGill University, Chemistry Department (1987 – 1999), took care of day-to-day operation of the NMRs including cryogen refill, trained users to use the spectrometers, taught “Advanced NMR” course (1D, 2D and 3D NMR methods and introduction to solid-state NMR), participated in  the course “Instrumental Methods of Analysis”, participated in research in natural product identification.
  • NMR facility manager Queen’s University, Chemistry Department: Teach graduate course (identification of organic and organometallic compounds using NMR – 1D, 2D and 3D), train users to use NMR, continue research in natural product and collaborate to other research project, develop a web site to show different aspects of NMR

Zhicheng (Paul) Xia (1999-2007)

  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, Nanjing University
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Florence, Prof. Ivano Bertini
  • NMR facility manager (1999 – 2007), took care of the day to day operations of the solution NMR spectrometers, trained users and ran serviced samples. Taught Chem 555 and helped with NMR-related research projects.
  • Current position: Director of the NMR Facility, UBC Chemistry

Fred Morin (1989-2015)

  • B.Sc. (Honours) in Chemistry, Carleton University
  • Ph.D. in Chemistry, University of Utah, Prof. David M. Grant
  • McGill University Solid State NMR Facility Manager since its inception in 1989
  • Assumed responsibilities for the entire NMR facility in the Department of Chemistry in 2007