Reminder of rules – important

NEVER remove samples from the autosamplers if they are in the queue (pink in the diagram).  Be very careful about the number of the position you remove!  If you do remove a sample that is yellow or green in the diagram, note down the number and put it in the same spot in the rack.  If there is no space, move one of the samples already in the rack to a position in the front where there is no number.

NEVER allow anyone who has not been trained to be in the NMR room on their own.  This is for safety and because I want to be sure that I know what is being told to new users.  Training is free and usually scheduled within a week of when it is requested.  Training can be requested at – please direct new members to this site.

The Varian 500 is currently set up to do 1H and 31P only.  Do NOT try to do 13C.  Read here for instructions on tuning.  Do NOT tune 31P.  More information about experiments is available here.

All rules are listed here.  Instrument signup rules are on the instruments page.

Contact me (email:, phone 514 398-6219 – this goes to my cell phone) if there are any problems or if you have questions.