Internal service (service we provide within McGill)

Students, postdoctoral fellows, and other researchers in the Department of Chemistry are encouraged to learn how to operate the spectrometers. However, the facility manager usually can provide a modest amount of service work on any of the spectrometer systems in the facility. Service can ONLY be used by very low volume users who have not been checked out by the facility staff. Service spectra include most of the routine experiments: 1H, 13C, 31P, 19F, and other heteronuclear one pulse data collection, solvent suppression, proton 1D steady state and transient NOE experiments, proton 1D TOCSY, DEPT/INEPT, 2D homonuclear COSY/TOCSY/NOESY/ROESY, and 2D [1H, 13C]-HMQC/HSQC/HMBC. Fill out the service form to describe your sample and experiment and you will be contacted soon.

External service (service we provide outside McGill)

The Department of Chemistry at McGill University provides a long established, reliable, confidential and fast service for almost all of your NMR needs. We can routinely provide spectra of liquids and of solids on all our available spectrometers. We welcome enquiries at an exploratory level when we can offer advice on the best methods of analyses or on the use of a specific technique. All enquiries are treated in strict confidence. Fill out the service form to describe your sample and desired experiments (or information you would like to obtain) and you will be contacted shortly.

Sample requirements: liquids

  • A clear and properly labeled solution sample is required for service in the NMR tube with a volume of around 0.6 ml (a height of at least 4 cm).
  • Alternatively, you may provide a sample in pure form and we will dissolve it in deuterated solvent and transfer it to an NMR tube. The cost of the solvent and tube will be charged.

Sample requirements: solids

  • At least 15 mg of sample is necessary.
  • For better results, at least 60 mg is recommended.

Service rates (liquids)


Chemistry internal McGill non-chemistry Other non-profit organization Industry (negotiable)

Data analysis and work-up time will be charged at the same rate.

Service rates (solids, INDUSTRY USERS)


Chemistry internal McGill non-chemistry Other non-profit organization Industry (negotiable)
Half-day (8 AM – 1 PM or 1 PM to 6 PM)
Full day (8 AM – 6 PM)
Day + night (8 AM – 8 AM)
Week (7 days continuously)

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