Solid-state NMR

400 MHz Varian VNMRS (room 35): State-of-the-art high power console. Available probes include: double resonance CPMAS probe, low 13C background, using 7.5 mm zirconia rotors capable of spinning at 7 KHz; double resonance CPMAS probe using 4 mm zirconia rotors capable of spinning at 18 KHz; a non-spinning wideline probe for deuterium studies. Operated with VnmrJ 4.2 software.

Rules for the solid-state NMR:

  • Before running an experiment, the instrument must be set up (correct probe must be in and tuned to the correct nuclei and a reference standard for chemical shift referencing and experiment optimization should be run). If you do not know how to do this, check with Robin so that she can use the first hour of the sign-up (8 – 9 AM or 1 – 2 PM) to set up the instrument.
  • Teaching, instrument maintenance and service will have priority over other spectrometer use.
  • Whenever you use or fill a rotor, fill out the rotor log book with information about rotor contents, maximum spinning speed, and any relevant notes.
  • Always record your actual usage (time used and whether you provided your own rotor) in the usage log.

Scheduling is done at monthly solid-state NMR users’ meetings, announced by email. ¬†Unallocated time can be booked on¬†FACES (group is MCGILLSOLIDS).