Staff and Committees

Facility Manager

Robin Stein, tel: 514-398-6219, OM 35B.

Robin did her PhD in solid-state NMR at the University of Cambridge with Prof. Melinda J. Duer (2002-2007). Her postdoc was in the area of proton solid-state NMR, especially of pharmaceuticals, with Prof. Lyndon Emsley, then at the CRMN in Lyon (2007-2008). More recently, Robin was an applications scientist at Bruker in the UK, then an applications service representative at Bruker in Canada.

Electronics WORKSHOP

Rick Rossi, Chief Electronics Technician, tel: 514-398-6218, OM 41

Weihua Wang, Electronics Technician, tel: 514-398-6218, OM 41

NMR / EPR Committee

All policies and rates for the NMR / EPR Facility are formulated by the NMR / EPR Management Committee at the Department of Chemistry. Committee members are: Tony Mittermaier, Linda Reven, Dima Perepichka, Mark Andrews, Robin Stein, and Rick Rossi.

NMR User Advistory Committee

Members of the user advisory committee can help with troubleshooting spectrometer problems and provide a conduit for discussion of issues arising within the facility with the manager. Feel free to contact Ryan Barrett (Gleason group), Giancarlo Feula (Arndtsen group), Chrismita Hegde (Castagner group), Garrison Kinney (Arndtsen group), Wenbo Liu (Li group), or Violeta Toader (CSACS). New committees will be formed every summer.