2017-01-26: EPR symposium announced

A symposium entitled "What EPR Can Do For You" will be held on July 21, 2017 in Otto Maass to celebrate the addition of EPR to the MR Facility. For more information, see the website.

2017-01-26: NMR is Fun week is coming

NMR is Fun week will take place again this year, with the exact dates to be announced shortly.

2016-09-27: List of rules has been posted

With the new school year comes a reminder about rules...please read them at the manuals page, even if you're an experienced user. If nothing else, you'll have more confidence when you talk to new users.

2016-09-27: Introductory presentation has been posted

Notes from the presentation on Sept. 22 are now available. There are some tips and tricks, information about spectrometers, and a demonstration of why you must tune the Varian 500 probe.

2016-07-27: Bruker license reinstated

If you run TopSpin 3.2, you can now use the McGill license. Contact Robin for the file.

2016-06-03: MNova licenses

The Mnova license file has been updated. Contact Robin for the new licenses.